Truly a sad loss for the McMillin Family and anyone else who had the pleasure of simply meeting him. I had the great pleasure of knowing Corky for the last few years and he always made an impression on me everytime our paths crossed. The majority of the time it was HE who initiated the conversations we were able to have. The last time I ever saw Corky was at Primm after he had gotten out of the racecar and was looking under the weather. After walking to his motorhome to lie down we got our team doctor and it was determined that he had to be Medi-vaced. Rather than be transferred to the helicopter on a stretcher, In typical Corky fashion he was somehow able to walk under his own strength. That is the Corky we all knew and loved even until the end...

Godspeed Beagle
Gone but NEVER Forgotten

David Scaroni
Trophy Truck #27

Off Road racing has lost one of its great pioneers and today’s the world has lost one of its greatest people. There are a lot of people in life who are good at a few things, Corky was astonishing at many. He was a great family man, wonderful businessman, good friend, and a great racer. With all he accomplished, he still was one of the greatest down to earth people there is. Corky was about as down to earth as down to earth comes. He always had the time to ask "how are you doing," "how is your family doing," "what happened to you at the last race," "how is school going" along with many other things. If you never met Corky you missed out, he was one of the most inspirational people you will ever meet.

God Speed Beagle

Matt Scaroni
Trophy Truck #27

SCORE International’s Sal Fish reflects on the life
Of SCORE desert racing pioneer Corky McMillin

       LOS ANGELES—With the news of the death today of Corky McMillin, prominent San Diego businessman and one of the pioneers of SCORE desert racing as well as the family patriarch of McMillin Racing—the first three-generation race team in SCORE history, Sal Fish, SCORE President and CEO, reflected on the passing of his dear friend.
     “Corky McMillin was a man among men and truly from the mold of the league of extraordinary gentlemen and it is a tragic loss to truly thousands of people who have been touched by this great man’s life,” said Fish, who has led SCORE International desert racing since 1974. “At 76, not only was Corky the oldest regular in the SCORE Desert Series, but his long and generous life was an inspiration to all of us.  As courageous a fighter as he was and as fierce a competitor, he will be remembered best of all for his generosity and the legacy of McMillin Racing he has left for all of us to enjoy.  His son’s Mark and Scott are reflections of their father and his grandchildren are following in the same tracks left by their ‘Grandpa’. Corky was a role model for us all and he truly was a remarkable pillar from the world’s ‘greatest generation’. To say that we will all miss him is a gross understatement. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the McMillin family and McMillin Racing during this most difficult time.”

    Among Corky McMillin’s SCORE desert racing accomplishments:
     - SCORE Desert Series regular since 1976 (nearly 150 starts in 29 seasons)
     -Three-time SCORE Class 2 season point champion—1981, 1985, 1987
     -SCORE Baja 1000
            1985— First Place , Class 2
     -SCORE Baja 500
            1994— First Place , Class 1
            1986— Overall & First Place , Class 2
            1983— Overall & First Place , Class 2
     -SCORE San Felipe 250
            1984— Overall & First Place , Class 2
            1983— Overall & First Place , Class 2
     - Yokohama 6-50 Club champion (drivers over 50)
     -Featured driver, Dust2Glory movie, 2005

      McMillin Racing—Three-generation 2005 SCORE Desert Series team:
    CLASS 1
        -Mark McMillin, currently first in points (with one race remaining)
        -Andy and his father Scott McMillin, currently third in points
        -Corky McMillin, currently fourth in points
     CLASS 1-2/1600
        -Daniel McMillin (Mark’s Son), currently 16th in points