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SMD Motorsport’s Own Pulls Double Duty at the Primm 300

Heber, California (September 13, 2005) – SMD Motorsports debuted their new #27 trophy truck to the off-road desert world in style at the SCORE Primm 300 under the beautiful blue skies of the Southern Nevada desert.

In the first race since the very recent purchase of the trophy truck, they were pleased with the performance of the 800 horsepower Ford trophy truck. “As expected, we encountered some hurdles during this first race. With only 100 miles of testing on the truck before this race, we anticipated a steep learning curve. We’ve learned a lot in the first race and we are looking forward to the remainder of this season as well as moving into next season,” said Matt Scaroni.

The indomitable David Scaroni tackled tough conditions in the Nevada desert as he began his extended race day driving the Tom Watson - Class 12 car, at 6:00 a.m., David drove the entire 300-mile race course handing over the car to Watson only a few hundred yards from the finish line, where they finished only 19 seconds out of first place.

David Scaroni explained, “I ran a lot of miles today without a single flat tire on our BFGoodrich tires. Some of our competition had one or two flats per lap and I had zero. Our BFGoodrich tires destroyed the course and the competition all day long.”

With David sitting on the roof of the Watson Class 12 car, the Trophy Trucks and Class 1 cars began to stage for the start of the afternoon race. Only minutes later, the SMD Motorsports #27 trophy truck lurched from the SCORE start/finish line. Once up to speed and as #27 was blazing a trail, the unthinkable occurred when driver, Matt Scaroni, and co-driver, Mark Cowan, ended up upside down in the #27 truck.

Within an hour and a half, they were on their way once again as they battled the challenging conditions of Primm, Nevada. After the first lap, David took over the reigns of the #27 truck and successfully raced the clock to make the last lap cut off time. However, as they began the final lap, the transmission failed at the same location the truck had rolled over earlier.

Nonetheless, David succeeded in completing 450 miles before the #27 truck succumbed to mechanical failure on the last lap. In all, David raced at speed through the Nevada desert seated in a Mastercraft Race Seat for almost 12-straight hours.

Team Owner Steve Scaroni commented, “We thank God for an injury free weekend. All-in-all, while the results were not what we had hoped for, a lot was learned. In hindsight, another 4 weeks of testing would have been nice. However, we learned that we have a lot to learn, and as with any truck, we need to get our set up dialed in. It was good to get the inevitable trophy truck rollover out of the way early. The truck sustained minimal damage. This is a great truck and we have a great team and tremendous sponsors. We will see some great successes soon.”

SMD Motorsports hosted a Hurricane Katrina Survivor’s Fundraiser on Friday night before the Primm 300 race, with 100% of the proceeds directly benefiting the survivors of the nation’s worst ever natural disaster. SMD Motorsports and Fabtech each matched the total of the proceeds from the fundraiser. With $3500 dollars raised along with the combined match donations from SMD Motorsports and Fabtech, over $10,000 will be sent directly to Katrina relief efforts.

SMD Motorsports is already preparing for the upcoming SCORE Baja 1000, November 17-20, 2005 in Ensenada, Baja California.

Our many supporters include: Ford Motor Company, BFGoodrich Tires, Mastercraft Seats, FOX Racing Shocks, TrailReady Beadlocks, VP Racing Fuel, Rock On Motorsports and Pure Power Lubricants.